VROOM - Optimisateur de trajets routiers

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités

Optimization engine written in C++14 that aim at providing good solutions to various real-life vehicle routing problems within a small computing time.

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VROOM is an optimization layer working on top of virtually any toolhandling basic routing queries.It is very much a work in progress but is already a good proof of concept of what can be achieved in term of efficiency on real-life vehicle routing problems. The idea is to carefully select and implement strategies derived from academic research, targeting the choices with quality and computing times in mind.http://map.vroom-project.org/@vroomproject@juliencoupey

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Tags: tripplanner, optimisation

Categories: Logiciel

Theme: Logistique urbaine, Logiciel Libre, Collectivité


Challenge: Améliorer la logistique des derniers kilomètres, Améliorer la résilience des systèmes de transports et des solutions de mobilités

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Community of interest: Communauté des acteurs de la logistique urbaine, Communauté du Logiciel Libre


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