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Short description: Tomorrow's mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Full description: At Stoomlink we know that a smoother intermodal journey is key for people to step away from their cars. Hence, we develop digital products to bring them the information they need to make the jump to greener mobility. Starting off their day with Broadcast - the info-traffic of sustainable mobility - and along their journey with our on-street SmartDisplays and Commute right off their pocket. — Our mission is to foster the transition to a more sustainable mobility.

Tags: Mobility, Transports publics, Information voyageurs, MaaS, UX

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Theme: Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Accessibilité dans les transports, Données ouvertes, Logistique urbaine



Creation date: 12/2018

Countries of deployment: Belgique

Cities of deployment: Bruxelles, Namur, ...

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Type: Entreprise, Entrepreneur, Startup

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Common(s) proposed (under conditions): OpenTripPlanner

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Community(ies) of interest: Communauté autour des données ouvertes, Communauté autour des traces de mobilité et des données associées

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