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Full team? Oui

Extreme Challenge Candidate: Oui

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Wealth sought by the Team: Expérimentation, Moyen de prototypage - production - essais et calcul, Conseil Expertise

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Personnes ayant les compétences recherchées par l'Equipe : ANTOINE DACREMONT, Abdelkoudouss FAQIR, Abdourahamane, Adam Mercier, Adrien Auclair... further results

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Theme: eXtrême Défi, Vélo et Mobilités Actives


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Response file to the eXtreme Challenge[edit source]

Describe here your answer on 4 of the 6 parts: Narrative, ecosystem, economics and feedback.
The 2 other parts (Vehicle, Energy) are to be detailed in your Vehicle sheet .

Narrative File: 

Ecosystem File: 

Economic File: 

Feedback File: