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Titre : State of the Map Africa

Type d'événement (liste déroulante) : Conférence

Description : State of the Map Africa 2019 is just around the corner and we are excited to host everyone in Ivory Coast from the 22nd - 24th of November. The conference will bring together local OpenStreetMap communities, governments, universities, NGOs, innovators and business to share knowledge and experiences on how OpenStreetMap is “Transforming Lives through Mapping”, which is the theme for this year. Web site :

For FabMob, the objectives are to identify and connect with people, project on open source for mobility

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Tags : OSM, Africa

Thème : Open Street Map OSM, Données ouvertes, Traces de mobilité et des données associées, Urbanisme et ville, Logiciel Libre, Africa

Lieu : Grand Bassam, cote d'ivoire

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Participants : Johanricher, Julien delabaca

Journée : 2019/11/22

Horaires : au 24 novembre 2019

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Workshop organized by world bank : This session will be three-fold and likely span a full morning + half an afternoon session ideally to be held on Saturday :

  • A lessons-learned session will allow for sharing feedbacks about O4T experiences in French-speaking Africa:
    • O4T mapping in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire); AFD-MDT funded-project implemented by the French Systra group and the French association Jungle Bus in partnership with mappers of the OSM project in Ivory Coast.
    • O4T mapping in Accra (Ghana); AFD-funded project.
    • O4T mapping in Bamako (Mali); World Bank-funded project.
    • O4T mapping in Freetown (Sierra Leone); World Bank-funded project.
    • O4T mapping in Ouagadougou; community project.
    • O4T mapping in Antananarivo; community project.
    • O4T mapping in Dakar; community project.
    • O4T mapping in Conakry; community project.
  • A governance session will focus on the governance aspects involved in the running of OpenStreetMap-based activities and will discuss how to mobilize the OSM ecosystem (community, OSM Foundation [OSMF] and economic operators) to realize O4T programs at the request of Governmental (local/central) entities in ways which comply with OSMF texts as well as OSM and OSMF practices.