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Short Description: Routing (in some countries called navigation) services help people get from one place to another.

Description: 1 End users: Routing software 2 Mappers: Improving the map data 2.1 Fixing bugs with MapDust 2.2 Speed data 2.3 Checking your fix 3 Developers 3.1 Open source desktop and server software 3.2 Mobile device software 3.3 Libraries/development tools 3.4 Routing considerations 3.4.1 Highway-type 3.4.2 Lanes 3.4.3 Highway condition Inclines Sinuosity 3.4.4 Crossings, junctions and lane changes 3.4.5 Average speed 3.4.6 List of other tags giving routing hints Bicycle Hiking 3.5 Routing obstacles and other conditions requiring special consideration 4 Discontinued Routing Engines 5 Mailing lists 6 See also



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