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Short Description: It offers visual highlights, a few transport dedicated functions and some validations rules.

Description: The plugin validates public transport routes against a set of criteria and, where possible, suggests ways to fix them.The plugin has no dedicated user interface, it is fully integrated in the core JOSM validator.This page is edited and only reflects the current state of the plugin. Development issues can be found here in chronological order.There is a presentation about the plugin for the FOSS4G conference (Brussels, 22.09.2016) available here.The plugin code is in the OpenStreetMap Subversion Repository. See also JOSM/Plugins/PT Assistant/GoalsOther JOSM plugins : public transport plugin - a plugin for JOSM simplifies the otherwise quite intricate editing of public transport data. CustomizePublicTransportStop - a plugin for JOSM. Simplifies creation and setup of public transport stops in according with standards. User:MARC13/easy-routes(pl) - a plugin for JOSM in Polish.



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