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Short Description: Open, Universal, Reliable Transport Ticketing

Description: Since living in Melbourne, many have been frustrated at the lack of improvement and inherent design flaws in the smartcard ticketing system that the local government has rolled out over the last few years.

This project promises to implement an independent solution to these issues by releasing an open source, easy to use, hardware and software (web) framework, that will deliver a complete smart ticketing system for new (and possibly existing) deployments (not limited to transportation). Such a system would enable small or large municipalities to focus on offering excellent transport services, rather than spending tax payer dollars towards the development of ticketing infrastructure that continues to repeat the mistakes of other operators.

OURTicket aims to be completely open, with future scope for exhaustive customisation options. The project while ambitious, begs the involvement and feedback from users and developers, to help create a universal ticketing solution for all.



Web Site : https://hackaday.io/project/1812-ourticket

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