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Short description: Source code of OuiShare concerning its governance

Description: These building blocks will help you understand how distributed organisations work. Click on each of the icons below to explore them individually !

  • Governance & Decision-Making : A Handbook with the A to Z of how we work.
  • Collective Knowledge : Our network’s knowledge assets in our interactive map
  • Finances & Budgeting : Annual reports of a decentralized community

Tools : These are key tools that allow us to work in a distributed, collaborative and transparent way. Read more about how we use them.

Website: http://opensource.ouishare.net/

Tags: governance, loomio, mindmeister, cobudget

Theme: Urbanisme et ville, Collectivité, Centre Excellence Québec

Organization related to this knowledge: OuiShare

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Challenge(s) related to this knowledge: Accompagner une collectivité à ouvrir un maximum de ressources et construire un kit d'aide à l'innovation, Faire progresser la FabMob

Community of interest: Outils de fonctionnement de la Fabrique des Mobilités

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