Open Transport Meetup DE 1

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Titre : Meetup #DE-1, December, 12th, 2018, 19h S-Bahn Stuttgart, Germany

Type d'événement (liste déroulante) :

Description : First German Open Transport Meetup in Stuttgart

Image :

Open Transport Meetup DE 1 Live.jpeg

Tags : Open Transport

Thème : Open Street Map OSM, Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Données ouvertes, Covoiturage quotidien, Logiciel Libre

Lieu : S-Bahn Stuttgart, Germany

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Participants :

Journée : 2018/12/12

Horaires : 19h

Référent organisation : BRUCH Holger

Contact : BRUCH_Holger

Compte Rendu Atelier lié :

Summary of the DB HackEvent, 7th/8th of December 2018[edit | edit source]

Holger, Alexey, Jakob gave a short summary of the projects which were presented at the DB HackEvent in Berlin last weekend.

Open Transport Projects in Germany[edit | edit source]

Alexey Valikov came from Frankfurt to present in a real firework various Open Transport projects like e.g.

  • Verbundkarte (a map showing the German transport agencies),
  • efa-export-stops-by-coordinates (a tool to retrieve public transport stops from an EFA API),
  • project Railway-Stations with photos of more and more stations in Europe under CC-BY oder even CC-0,
  • Open Data ÖPNV, an open data portal started by German transit agency which publish their open data, like GTFS
  • Verkehrscamp, a BarCamp for transit agencies in March 2019

and more...

PlusRad[edit | edit source]

Jan Lutz presented various projects he works on like the project, Lastenrad-Stuttgart and PlusRad, an app for cyclists to collect incentives sponsored by local businesses.

Mitfahren-BW[edit | edit source]

Holger Bruch presented Mitfahren-BW, a journey planner that finds intermodal trips combining carpooling and public transport.

Networking / Snack[edit | edit source]

We had a good exchange afterwards and plan to continue the Open Transport Meetup next year in Stuttgart and in other cities in Germany. And the 'transit hackers' were keen on starting kind of an Open Transport Hack Night in Stuttgart, taking place regularly :-)