Open Plug Charge Protocol OPCP

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protocol, standardizing the access of Plug&Charge related services

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Hubject has decided to publish this protocol as open source, because we believe that a more mature EV market requires standards and protocols, which are used by everyone. To ensure a high level of adoption, we think, protocols published under an open source agreement are the best way to achieve this and to differentiate between stakeholders with a strong believe in collaboration from others. Further information to our used open source licence can be found here.

The OPCP protocol is already in productive use since 2019. Many vehicle OEMs, Mobility Operators and Chargepoint Operators are already using this protocol in creating, transfering, signing etc. of Plug&Charge related information based on the standard ISO15118-2 and the VDE Application Guide.

As it is important to achieve best possible interoperability in the eMobility market it is crucial to use the same protocols in the Plug&Charge usecase.

Benefits of OPCP

  1. First independent open Source protocol in the context of Plug&Charge based on ISO15118
  2. Easy and secure authentication methods, no lock-in effect
  3. Easy and secure authentication methods for the different maret roles
  4. Multi-Contract handling possible
  5. Joint development possibilities – the whole industry is invited to contribute
  6. Multiroot Handling included and ready for ISO15118-20

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Challenge: Améliorer les connaissances sur le contenu carbone de l'électricité utilisée pour charger un véhicule en temps réel

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