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Open Autonomous Safety Projects

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Safety comes first in every decision Voyage makes. We are excited to double down on that commitment by launching the first version of the Open Autonomous Safety initiative. OAS is a fully open-source library of Voyage’s internal safety procedures, materials, and test code designed to supplement existing safety programs at autonomous vehicle startups across the world. This alpha release is designed to grow extensively in the coming months. Our aim is to cement OAS as a foundational safety resource in the industry.

Organizations using or interested in using the resource: Transdev, Kisio


Tags: autopilot

Categories: Communauté, Connaissance

Theme: Voiture Connectée, Navettes autonomes


Challenge: Rendre accessible une mobilité individuelle à bas coût pour tous sans externalités négatives

Key people to solicit: MUSQUET Gael

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Community of interest: Communauté autour des navettes autonomes


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Level of development: Disponible mais non validé

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Needs: Utiliser les livrables produits par Voyage

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