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Short Description: The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative is a collaboration between smart cities across the world.

Description: Open Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is a global initiative based in Brussels, Belgium, with more than 89 cities from 19 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. OASC was announced at the Connected Smart Cities Conference in January 2015 and first launched in March 2015 at CeBIT.We need to create a smart city marketThat was the idea that triggered the foundation of the Open Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC). Martin Brynskov, Jarmo Eskelinen, Pieter Ballon and Juanjo Hierro saw the need for an initiative that provides help for connecting smart cities – with each other and withing the city itself – in order to contribute to the creation of a global smart city market based on the needs of cities. Such a market must accommodate very different sizes of cities in diverse circumstances in order to be a catalyst for the digital transition of cities and societies, with local jobs and sustainable growth.



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