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Short Description: OS Railway Designer

Description: Design, modernise and operate railway networks in a transparent and flexible way with OS Railway Designer, an open source simulation tool anyone can use and enhance.

With it you will be able to compute precise running times on the basis of reliable technical and operational parameters and data standards used by the french and international railway organisations.

We're busy working on our alpha version, but we'll be happy to answer any question you may have. Just use the social channels down there, or subscribe below so that you're the first one to know when the first release goes out!

Presentation : https://uic.org/events/IMG/pdf/uic_digital_conference_2019_presentations.pdf contacts : Réseau SNCF : Bertrand Houzel, Loic Hamelin



Web Site : http://osrailwaydesigner.com/

Organisations interested to contribute or already contributing: SNCF

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  • Save Money : Since the tool is open source, you can use the software as you see fit, and you get transparent access to all algorithms and calculation. You will also be able to input your own ones, saving a lot of time and money in duplicated studies to contrast report calculations.
  • Save Time : Once you enter your infrastructure’s data in the software, you can re-use it as many times as you want across all of your projects, leaving you more time to work on qualitative tasks.
  • Make better decisions : Getting an open source tool allows you to understand the hypotheses the software uses for your studies. You can use the plug-and-play algorithms developed according to the french and international stantards, or test your own ones to contrast the study results you need for your project.

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