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Short Description: Turn OpenStreetMap data and schedule information into GTFS

Description: a script that turn OSM data into GTFS (a common format for public transportation schedules)

The script retrieves current data about public transport networks directly from OpenStreetMap via the Overpass API. It stores the data in python objects and caches on disk for efficient re-use. Then the data is combined with another source of schedule (time) information in order to create a GTFS file using the transitfeed library.

For every new city a new configuration file needs to be created. Additionally, schedule information should be provided. By-default the schedule information is expected to be provided in a certain format. However other formats are supported through extending the code. For any city and schedule format the script can be easily extended, see the developer documentation for more information.



Web Site : https://github.com/grote/osm2gtfs/

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