Mobility Data Specification

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A data standard and API specification for mobility as a service providers, such as Dockless Bikeshare, E-Scooters, and Shared Ride providers who work within the public right of way.

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Inspired by GTFS and GBFS. Specifically, the goals of the Mobility Data Specification (MDS) are to provide API and data standards for municipalities to help ingest, compare and analyze mobility as a service provider data.

The specification is a way to implement realtime data sharing, measurement and regulation for municipalities and mobility as a service providers. It is meant to ensure that governments have the ability to enforce, evaluate and manage providers.

MDS is currently comprised of two distinct components:

  • The provider API is to be implemented by mobility as a service providers, for data exchange and operational information that a municipality will query. provider presents the historical view of operations.
  • The agency API is to be implemented by municipalities and other regulatory agencies, for providers to query and integrate with during operations. agency provides tools to inform and permit future operations.

Cities and regulators can choose best how to implement Agency and Provider either separately, concurrently, or by endpoint.

The specification will be versioned using Git tags and semantic versioning. See prior releases and the Release Guidelines for more information.

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