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Short Description: mangOH™ IoT open source hardware for industrial products.

Description: Project mangOH™ eases prototyping and the productization of IoT products for industry. Open source hardware at the edge. Soon available.Project mangOH™ is a new kind of open source hardware for Internet-of-Things (IoT) industrial-grade products. Project mangOH is born from a reference design provided under open source licence (business friendly) by Sierra Wireless.Project mangOH aims at easing the prototyping and the productization of IoT solutions:Modular DesignIndustrial Grade ComponentsStandard Eurocard casingIndustrial-grade QSFP+ IoT connectors for hot plugging Project mangOH is currently supported by the following project members: element14, Freescale®, Linear Technology, Sierra Wireless®, Texas Instruments®.



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