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Short description: Littlecab offers cheap and affordable private transportation services to corporates who want to avoid the crowded public transport modes.

Full description: The problem: Extremely high prices charged by private taxis in central Nairobi-Kenya which has resulted in over-dependence on the already overwhelmed, cheap and disorganized public transport system.

The solution: Littlecab offers cheap and affordable private transportation services to corporates who want to avoid the crowded public transport modes. The startup enables one to run errands, get to work, or have a friends’ night out with ease, safety and comfort.

Littlecab provides corporate businesses with organized and reliable transportation to cater for their employees’ tight schedules such as pick-up and drop-offs within the required time.

State of development: Littlecab, the ride-hailing app was founded in 2016 and is backed by a telecom communication operator, Safaricom in Kenya. The ride-hailing app was developed by a Kenyan tech firm Craft Silicon, which operates across the African continent and has subsidiaries in India and the United States of America. The startup signed up 1,600 active drivers, outnumbering Uber’s number of 1,000 registered drivers in Kenya. In 2018, the firm started operations in Kampala taking on Uber Uganda and other private hailing companies in the country.

Funds raised: The Startup has raised USD 6 Mn in 2018 and has a financial backing from the communication giant company in Kenya, Safaricom Telecom.

Business model: Charges passengers and companies a fee for transportation per route basing on kilometers travelled and time spent on the road.

Ambition: To expand operations to Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania.

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Within the context of smart mobility in Africa: Littlecab provides an elegant travel experience that is affordable, safe, friendly and convenient. The startup fleets are clean, well maintained with no breakdowns and destinations are reached within time.

Appreciation: Littlecab is slowly giving Uber a run for its money in Kenya and some African countries. Littlecab is seen as the new form of an African Uber service.

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