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Geo Open Accessibility Tool

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Walking and cycling require attractive transport infrastructure and destinations at close distance (15-minute city). With the accessibility approach, GOAT offers a dynamic map-based analysis. Geo Open Accessibility Tool, or simply GOAT, is an open-source web tool, that is interactive, flexible, and practical for accessibility planning. Currently, GOAT is capable of modeling walking and cycling accessibility and is designed to serve as a suitable instrument for easier, better, and more open transport and urban planning.


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Tags: marche, Vélo, walking, cycling, Collaborative Mapping, Humanitarian OSM

Categories: Logiciel, Données, Communauté

Theme: Open Street Map OSM, Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Logiciel Libre, Collectivité


Challenge: Améliorer la résilience des systèmes de transports et des solutions de mobilités

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Wealth sought: Expérimentation, Contributeur - Communauté

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Community of interest: Communauté du Logiciel Libre, Communauté autour des traces de mobilité et des données associées


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