Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit

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Short Description: control device for electric cars

Description: The GEVCU is an intermediary control device for electric cars which basically allows to transform various input signals like throttle pedal position or brake pressure to be transformed into control commands for electric motor controllers (aka inverters). The control commands are sent via CAN bus messages or digital / PWM signals to the motor controller to spin the electric motor.It consists of open source software and hardware. The hardware is based on Arduino Due technology but was hardened for use in automotive environments. The software is designed in a way that new motor controllers, input and output devices can easily be added to the existing solution and everybody is free to extend the existing solution. Currently the following devices are supported:

  • DMOC 645 motor controller
  • Brusa DMC5 motor controller
  • Single and dual potentiometer based throttle pedals
  • Brake pressure transducersCAN bus based throttle input
  • CAN bus based brake pressure inputWifi based webserver for status display and parametrization
  • Pre-Charge circuitry



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