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A Canonical GBFS Validator, an open source tool that helps the shared mobility community to assess if a dataset complies with the specification, leading to higher quality data. To benefit all without restrictions, the tool is publicly available on the MobilityData GitHub repository, with clear guidelines for users.

« Expanding and improving the General Bikeshare Feed Specification is a critical part of our work. However, these improvements are even more valuable when paired with tools that support the production and consumption of high quality data. Thanks to the contribution of Fluctuo, our team is now very proud to give the shared mobility community a functional and easy to use Canonical GBFS Validator. Higher quality data means more comprehensive and reliable information for travelers », shared Heidi Guenin, Director, Product, Shared Mobility at MobilityData.

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Challenge: Améliorer les solutions et développer de nouvelles solutions de mobilités pour tous

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