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test novel transport planning methods in an integrated pipeline

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We provide an open-source and extensible platform to test novel transport planning methods in an integrated pipeline.

We'd like to bridge the worlds of macroscopic models, agent-based simulation and discrete choice modelling.

We offer to research complete, policy-ready agent-based transport scenarios based on well-tested tools and algorithms.

Read more about the model behind eqasim!

Github : https://github.com/eqasim-org

Open synthetic population in IDF : https://github.com/eqasim-org/ile-de-france

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Tags: transport planning, Planification

Categories: Logiciel, Données



Challenge: Améliorer la résilience des systèmes de transports et des solutions de mobilités

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Wealth sought: Expérimentation, Moyen de prototypage - production - essais et calcul, Contributeur - Communauté

Required skills: Information, Compétence en groupe

Community of interest: Communauté autour des données ouvertes, Communauté du Logiciel Libre

License: GNU Affero General Public License

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