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Short description: Improve African Mobility with Data

Full description: The problem : In West Africa, there is a diversity of urban, national and international transport lines and connections, but a lack of data and useful information regarding itinerary and routes planning. This is clearly an obstacle to mobility and transport development.

The solution : Launched in 2017 Data Transport is an OpenData web platform to make transport and mobility data in the West Africa more accessible and standardize these data to facilitate their use. Data transport provides services like Data collection, Mapping and Data valuation.

State of development : Since its launch, Data Transport does not have employees but rather consultant contributors called Data Manager dispatched in the West African countries. A global multimodal transport search engine called Rome2rio already uses its standardized GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) data to offer itinerary and ticketing services via Billet Express. Data Transport recently developed its own GTFS standardization tools called WatriFeed which works synchronously and collaboratively called.

Funds raised: Self funded

Business model: Data Transport business model is based on data collection, digitization, standardisation services

Ambitions: Data Transport wishes to map transport networks and infrastructure and then continue to standardize, update data and provide useful data for citizens in all West African countries. The main contributors wish to eventually help creating a pole of skills specialized in transport innovation.

Achievements:Data Transport won the OCAF Prize (Outiller les communautés Afrique Francophone) from OGPToolbox with the support of AFD

Within the context of Digital solutions in Africa : In terms of data collecting solutions, Data transport is among the few that offers data quality solutions in Africa and one of the first in West Africa except for OpenStreetMap.

Appreciation: Data transport is a great initiative that needs to be improved and associated at a higher level, it manages to collaborate with startups or other local actors but would have a much greater impact on a national and regional level.

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Tags: Africa, data, GTFS, Movin'On LAB Africa (OMA)

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Theme: Open Street Map OSM, Traces de mobilité et des données associées, Logistique urbaine, Africa



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Countries of deployment: Mali

Cities of deployment: Bamako

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Challenge(s): Améliorer la résilience des systèmes de transports et des solutions de mobilités

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Common(s) proposed (under conditions): Cartographie Du Transport Urbain Bamako

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Community(ies) of interest: Communauté autour des traces de mobilité et des données associées, Communauté des acteurs en Afrique

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