Collaboration between actors of an ecosystem and their engagement in social impact projects

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Short description: Graduating Project - Susana RINCÓN PELÁEZ, ESC Rennes

Description: Synthesis : The purpose of this graduating project is to analyze how does collaboration between actors (individuals, industries, NGOs, large corporations, research laboratories, universitites, start ups, government institutions, among others) of an innovation ecosystem affect their engagement in social impact projects (projects that are measured by the positive impact that they have on the society, rather than the amount of profits that they produce). The methodology used was based on the research of the main concepts, field interviews and experiences, participation in events related with the research question, as well as informal discussions and observations. The reader will find a theoretical background that explains the definitions and concepts related to innovation ecosystem, open innovation, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and open social innovation. After that, Nokia´s case study is presented, supporting the phenomenon of open social innovation and serving as an example of multiple innovation efforts in the field of open innovation and social entrepreneurhip, such as Le Garage, Nokia Saving Lives, Open Ecosystem Network, Nokia Innovation Platform and one example of an strategic partnership with the start-up Zephyr Solar. Here the reader can understand more about the implications and the importance of each point developed. Above all, the analysis presented states that having a broad innovation ecosystem, open collaboration and a continuous dialog and interaction between actors of the ecosystem are key to implement sucessfull social impact projects and make them more effective. Finally, this graduating project concludes with recommendations and conclusions that will help the reader to understand how open social innovation can be applied in different kind of organizational initiatives. Lastly, a proposition on future research should be focused on the empirical application of open social innovation with their outcomes and measures.


Tags: Social Impact, Companies, Open Innovation


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