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CoAXs uses open data and free software to enable users to test new transportation scenarios in real time

Description : CoAXs is an interactive planning tool developed by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that aims to enhance participation and creative problem-solving for planning public transport systems. CoAXs occupies a middle ground between detailed network editing and modeling software on the one hand, and presentation tools that use pre-calculated results for information delivery on the other.

CoAXs uses open data and free software to enable users to test new transportation scenarios in real time. Users can activate and deactivate selected hypothetical and existing transit routes; examine effects of changes such as in bus speeds or frequencies; and explore the impact of these changes on different locations in a region.

Central to the interface is a map which allows users to zoom in or out and focus on different areas of a city, helping to spatially understand the possible impacts (e.g., increased access to jobs) of potential public transport project features (e.g., dedicated bus lanes on a certain street). Customized versions of the tool have been tested in workshops in Boston, London, UK, and Santiago, Chile; and as an online version in Atlanta, San Francisco and New Orleans.  

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