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Sebastian Dehne decided to create a custom electric vehicle (EV) charging station for his Nissan Leaf from scratch, as what he calls “a real full stack project.” He notes that designing your own gives you total control over the system, and it’s both fun and cheaper than purchasing a ready-made device.

The aptly named DehneEVSE is built around an Arduino Nano 33 IoT for control and current/voltage sensing, and connects via WiFi to a server that handles charging logic. UI consists of a web app that uses WebSockets to listen for real-time updates and display power consumption for all three phases. Aside from the stats, the app enables Dehne to turn charging on/off or to a low-cost setting, which regulates charge depending on the price of energy at a particular time.

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Challenge: Abaisser les barrières pour innover sur le véhicule, Faciliter le partage la gestion la maintenance la comptabilité des émissions polluantes et de GES des véhicules

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Wealth sought: Expérimentation, Moyen de prototypage - production - essais et calcul

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