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make riding your cargo bike as smooth and effective as possible


We consider being open minded and transparent as our core values. To give you more insight into our work we publish regularly on our blog. Feel free to integrate our results into your project !

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The low-emission revolution is rolling. More and more individuals as well as logistic companies are starting to pedal. Still the desperately needed infrastructure, wide and connected cycleways are missing. Our mission is to help you to find the smoothest route through all the motorized traffic madness.



narrow cycleways, barriers or curbs might annoy cyclists but stop cargo bikers. Our CargoBikeIndex categorizes all streets on their cargobike-friendliness.


Route calculation using Graphhopper

Calculateur d'itinéraire CargoHopper basé sur GraphHopper et OSM


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Challenge: Améliorer la logistique des derniers kilomètres, Améliorer la résilience des systèmes de transports et des solutions de mobilités

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