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Manage your IoT CAN loggers & data - anywhere, anytime.

CANcloud is a 100% free open source browser tool for managing your CANedge2 CAN loggers - and the data these devices upload to your server. The tool is fully optional.

  • MANAGE FLEET : Easily manage your CANedge devices & data in one place - at any scale
  • ON ANY DEVICE : Online, browser based, responsive - works on any device/OS
  • ZERO SETUP : It's just a link - provide your users instant access to their devices & data
  • OPEN SOURCE : No hidden fees. Freely edit the source code - e.g. customize branding
  • DASHBOARD : Monitor device status, SD capacity & file uploads across entire fleet
  • SECURE ACCESS : Securely control user rights & access levels via your S3 settings

How does it work ?

The CANedge2 lets you record CAN/LIN data to an SD card - and auto-push this to your own server.

As part of this, you will set up an S3 server - which can e.g. be a cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) or a local/dedicated server (MinIO). You setup and host the server yourself via our simple step-by-step guides (this takes <5 min).

Once your S3 server is set up, you simply open CANcloud in your browser - e.g. our hosted version - and login with your server credentials. You can of course host CANcloud on your own web server as well - CANcloud is simply a website.

CANcloud provides a simple way to manage the devices & data on your server, with a lot of useful functionality. However, it is important to note that CANcloud is 100% optional. You can manage your CANedge devices & data on your server using any S3 compatible tools and APIs. In fact, CANcloud is built using the standard S3 Javascript SDK.

  • Zero subscription fees
  • Zero backend scripts - everything runs client-side
  • Built in ReactJS
  • Use our hosted link - or host it yourself
  • Modify the source code on github to add custom functionality

Organizations using or interested in using the resource: Collectivité Territoire, Sierra Wireless


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Challenge: Abaisser les barrières pour innover sur le véhicule

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