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Short description: Buseet is a modern bus network, offering everyday commuters with convenient rides by modern shuttles operated under a state-of-art technology.

Full description: The problem: Egypt has Middle East's most populous city with an insufficient public transportation system and rising transport fares, Cairo leaves millions of people struggling with their everyday commute.

The solution: Buseet is a modern bus network, offering everyday commuters with convenient rides by modern shuttles operated under a state-of-art technology. Buseet provides an easy to use a technology solution to help people book buses for their everyday commute. The startup provides a convenient and sustainable solution to startups and corporates, and guaranteeing a private-car-like experience at an affordable cost. Buseet operates a network of modern shuttles on fixed repeat routes every day while providing a new mode of mass transport targeting the middle class. Using contracted supplier network operated by buseet, buseet provides the convenience & affordability expected by private car owners to leave their cars behind. Buseet provides corporate transport solutions totally customized to meet the needs of big corporations to SMEs.

State of development: Buseet was founded in 2016 by Egyptian youths.

Funds raised: Buseet has raised a total of $273,000 in funding over 2 rounds and the latest was on September 2018. Mainly funded by Gustavo Fuchs and Vision Ventures.

Business model: Customers pay Buseet a fixed transportation charge for their journey traveled.

Ambition: To expand its operation to other North African regions. To start operations in Dubai by 2022.

Achievement: Buseet was part of Dubai’s Startup Bootcamp Accelerator’s first cohort that graduated last year.

Within the context of Urban transport in Africa: Usually, urban transport in Africa is characterized by the old and outdated public transportation system. The introduction of the Buseet modern vans to compete with the old buses and vans is a positive indicator of a change in trend towards modern public transportation fleet to suit the digital citizens.

Appreciation: Buseet’s ability to cater for the needs of the millennials who are the highest in number across Africa to travel in modern and faster public vehicles with much comfort as opposed to the old and outdated public buses and vans.

Links to know more: https://eklutdvotyzsri.dailynewssegypt.com/2018/09/25/cairo-angels-announces-investment-in-buseet/

Text prepared by Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

Tags: Movin'On LAB Africa (OMA), Bus, urban mobility

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