Autonomous Mobility

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Title: Autonomous Mobility

Description: The arrival of driverless autonomous vehicles represents a unique opportunity for a fundamental change in urban mobility and could lead to healthier, more competitive and greener cities - but only if the vehicles are integrated into an effective public transport network. A future with autonomous and connected vehicles can have various outcomes depending on how they are designed, operated and regulated. Will they lead to more cars on the road, more urban sprawl and more congestion? Or will they contribute to shaping sustainable and liveable cities, the regaining of urban space for people, less vehicles on the road and a higher quality of life?

The experience of operating fleets of autonomous vehicles remains limited today, therefore this training programme aims at learning from the current live deployments operated by various mobility services providers worldwide. Attendees will be learning from exchanging with stakeholders of real-life driverless mobility services and the way forward for the introduction of autonomous vehicles in our cities.


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Tags: Autonomous, vehicules autonomes, driverless vehicles, urban mobility, public transport, connected vehicles

Theme: Blockchain, Voiture Connectée, Navettes autonomes, Urbanisme et ville



Start day: 2018/10/15

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End day: 2018/10/17

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Trainer(s): Xavier Tackoen, Luc Texier, Philippe Cina

Organizing company(ies): UITP

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Related communities: Communauté autour de la Blockchain (et autres solutions de décentralisation), Communauté autour des navettes autonomes

The programme covers the following topics: • Demystifying autonomous vehicles o Understanding and defining autonomous vehicles o The implications for public transport and mobility patterns in cities o The current experiences and state of the market • Insight into current strategies undertaken by cities worldwide • Current projects, operations and return of experience • The human factor: implications for jobs and labour • Legal aspects and insurance • Site visit and presentations by Keolis & Navya

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