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Short Description: AutoDev is a solution for managing IoT sensors on mobile vehicles

Description: AutoDev is a solution for managing IoT sensors on mobile vehicles. IoT VizConf (shorthand for IoT Visualization and Configuration) is an AutoDev application running on top of OpenDaylight (ODL) supporting IoT device/sensor visualization and sensor programming. More specifically is provides a web-based user interface (UI) enabling the operator to dynamically discover and render a topology of IoT devices sensors embedded in mobile vehicles. The operator can also configure IOT sensors to perform certain policy-driven actions (e.g. track and report on specific data).This application was developed as a tool for the IoT network operator/administrator. Note that this application would be completely separate from a cloud-based application that would consume and process IoT sensor data. IoT VizConf is composed of open source components and interfaces to ODL using model-generated RESTCONF APIs.



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