APDS specifications

From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilités

By forming cross-functional working groups from within and outside the global parking industry to define an open but specified structure for communicating parking related information and enabling certain actions between systems used in the parking.


The deliverables include standardized terms and definitions for the industry that allow participants to communicate in the same language and share data across platforms. APDS provides a forum for both discussion and decision-making. APDS will release and support maintenance of the specifications as they develop and evolve.

Organizations using or interested in using the resource: Le centre d’excellence des communs technologiques pour la mobilité, Open Mobility Foundation




Theme: Stationnement



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Community of interest: Communauté du Stationnement de du curbspace


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Link to my cloud, wiki, drive…: https://github.com/parkingdata/api-spec


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