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Shared streets
First funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and developed in collaboration with NACTO and the Open Transport Partnership, SharedStreets is neutral, anonymized clearinghouse for data collected by transportation providers, private companies and government agencies, as well as a hub for industry-leading data analysis, traffic planning, street design and development of new technologies. Already operating in over 30 cities around the world, the platform overcomes long-standing legal, regulatory and technological barriers between the public and private sectors by converting today’s ad hoc, disparate transportation data sources into a mutually readable, shared, global standard for the first time. It introduces a universal language for digitally describing every aspect of city streets, opening new markets to private sector innovators and eliminating the need to manually clean, collate and transfer data sources, saving crucial public funds. Empowering cities to measure the impacts and outcomes of micromobility by creating tools for turning large datasets into key metrics. The mobility metrics software aggregates data to generate insights about mobility while protecting individual privacy. It standardizes the conversion of data from points (like where a trip starts and where a trip ends) into trip information and then aggregates trips over time. The tool produces overall daily metrics as well as more detailed metrics for particular areas and time periods. [https://sharedstreets.io/taxi-tnc-activity/ Taxi and TNC Activity] Empower cities to better manage curb space with high resolution anonymized and aggregated data on for-hire vehicle pick-up and drop-off, while protecting user privacy. Cities have access to curb pick-up and drop-off data from Uber and Lyft to allow them to make policy and infrastructure decisions based on the use of their streets. '''Tools and projets:''' * [https://github.com/sharedstreets Sharedstreets on Github] * Pilots: [https://sharedstreets.io/mobility-metrics/ Mobility metrics] * [https://github.com/sharedstreets/curblr CurbLR] * [https://github.com/sharedstreets/curb-wheel Curb Wheel] CurbLR is a data standard for describing urban curb regulations. It exists to help government effectively manage and regulate the curb and to support public and private users of city streets.


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