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Short description: The ODI was co-founded in 2012 by the inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee and artificial intelligence expert Sir Nigel Shadbolt to show the value of open data, and to advocate for the innovative use of open data to affect positive change across the globe.

Full description: We’re an independent, non-profit, non-partisan company that, since our creation, has welcomed high-profile board members including Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts, founder Baroness Martha Lane Fox and former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

Headquartered in London, with an international reach, hundreds of members, thousands of people trained, dozens of startups incubated, and a convening space based in the heart of London’s thriving Shoreditch area, we invite everyone interested in developing with data – whether on an individual, organisational or global level – to get in touch.

What we do

We work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem.

To further our mission, we strive to bring about sustainable behaviour change within companies and governments that hold and use data. We do this through three key activities:

Sector programmes – coordinating organisations to tackle a social or economic problem with data and an open approach. Practical advocacy – working as a critical friend with businesses and government, and creating products they can use to support change. Peer networks – bringing together peers in similar situations to learn together. Ethical considerations

We advocate for and support practices that increase trust and trustworthiness: building ethical considerations into how data is collected, managed and used; ensuring equity around who can access and use data; engaging widely with affected people and organisations.

We help people identify and address how open data can be used effectively in their sector to improve decision making and processes, deliver more efficient and effective services and products, and fuel economic growth and productivity.


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