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Multi-model open-source vehicular-traffic Simulator

💼 porté par Martin Treiber


MovSim is a microscopic lane-based traffic simulator with xml-based configuration and csv text output. The simulator implements various car-following models and provides reference implementations for the models described in the textbook Traffic Flow Dynamics.

MovSim aims at modeling and simulating all basic traffic situations and discrete decision like lane changes, reacting to a traffic light, yielding and overtaking on rural roads. Lane changes are modeled with the general MOBIL strategy based on longitudinal accelerations which is applicable to other discrete decisions as well.

MovSim can be run from commandline or with a graphical user interface including visualization. Several output quantities can be written to file for further in-depth analysis. MovSim also provides a physics-based fuel-consumption model to calculate consumption on an individual or collective level.

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This is an open-source project under the gnu general public license v3. Basically, you can use, change, and publish the simulation code as you wish. If you find the code or the simulation useful, we would like additionally that you refer to the original project by citing the original author (Martin Treiber) and linking to

The simulation code is available at GitHub.


I thank Arne Kesting, Martin Budden, and Ralph Germ for fruitful discussions and common research projects that helped start up this simulation.

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