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From Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilites

Short Description: HSL Developer Community is interested in the Open Data and Open Source around Helsinki

Description: Journey planning: Digitransit (project page)HSL's next-generation journey planner, in cooperation with Finnish Transport Agency's national Journey.fi.

Digitransit application - built on HTML5, React, Relay, GraphQL, MQTTTested to work on Firefox 29-, Chrome 45-, IE 9-, iOS 6- Safari (using Browserstack)GraphQL console including schema documentation

HSL Now - a prototype front page

Functional Specification of the old HSL Journey Planner

Live maps

Live demo

HSL Navigator live pageroutaSchematic: Commuter trains

Data: SIRI VM JSON, MQTT console, REST cache of MQTTCode for push API: #live-page realtime.coffee faye-browser.jsHSL NavigatorHSL Navigator is a fully open-source service based solely on open data.

Try in Helsinki! Now in Tampere! New in Oulu! Berlin Manchester Finland Amsterdam Jyväskylä (The prototype works best in the Firefox, Chrome, Android and iPhone browsers. Windows Phone 7.8 is unreasonable to support.)

You can leave feedback on HSL's Feedback Forum (in Finnish).

CyclingYou can search for multi-modal routes including bicycles or citybikes in the Digitransit routing API.

Citybike stations and availability (REST API, GraphQL console)

International CityBikes service and REST APIPark and RideExperimental: Citybike MyData API for bike users to share their rental history with apps.

Experimental: history data from stations and statistics. The statistics are currently broken as some periods of time have gone missing from them (seen as sudden drops and jumps in the cumulative numbers).

MapsNew official map style in Journey Planner Beta (based on Digitransit APIs)

For example, live map of line number 550 towards Westend

Unofficial (less) schematic map by Elmo Allén

Unofficial (more) schematic map by Elmo Allén

Bike Share Map Helsinki LiveVideo based on simulation of HSL trafficLive map of HSL vehiclesSimulation of all HSL traffic on a mapHSL travel cardHSL travel card specification (mostly in Finnish)

Java library SDK in GitHub (Javadoc; initial release: source code archive, Javadoc archive)Android app: Matkakortti reader (source code in GitHub)

Android app: Travel card reader free (source code in GitHub)Android app: Farebot (source code in GitHub)Windows Phone app: HSL Matkakorttilukija

Collaborative development projectsHSL Navigator (wiki, issue tracker)Navigator Proto (source code)

Navigator Proto real-time server component (source code)

HSL Visualisation (examples and code)Pubtrans.it APIs (source code)

Kalkati to GTFS converter (source code)

LocalRoute.js (source code)



Web Site : http://dev.hsl.fi/

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Tags: cycling, opendata, recycling, amap, open-data, carte, trip-planner

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Theme: Vélo et Mobilités Actives, Logiciel Libre


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