Electric Vehicule 2 seats

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Two person electric vehicle. It is equipped with four batteries placed in two removable and interchangeable compartments. In the front of the vehicle the motor offsets the weight of the passengers, for an optimum tire loading.

The main feature of the vehicle is the carbon fiber tub structure, which is used to protect the occupants. The doors swing forward in an innovative fashion, allowing the riders to exit even if the space around is very tight.

The roof sections of the doors are removable, together with the rear window. During a nice warm day, the vehicle can be converted in a cabriolet. The roof sections are darkened and reinforced, to protect the passengers both from the sun and in case of rollover.

The suspension system, together with the rear wheel swing arms, are visible and easily accessible. Not only does this increase the "tech" appeal of the vehicle, but it is also useful for track-day racing, when the suspension can be easily adjusted to fit the track. Together with the wide 230mm tires, this makes the vehicle very exciting to drive on a circuit or on narrow streets.

Another feature of the vehicle is the modular rear luggage compartment. The entire compartment can come off, and has wheels to be used as a check-in luggage. Different sizes of compartments can be used, bigger ones allowing more luggage but compromising the aerodynamic efficiency of the rear section, which is meant to create down-force.

The interior has not been yet modeled, but it will feature a central console able to convert from right-hand drive to left-hand drive, as well as modular seats, attached directly to the carbon fiber structure for simplicity and low weight.

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