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Description : First funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and developed in collaboration with NACTO and the Open Transport Partnership, SharedStreets is neutral, anonymized clearinghouse for data collected by transportation providers, private companies and government agencies, as well as a hub for industry-leading data analysis, traffic planning, street design and development of new technologies. Already operating in over 30 cities around the world, the platform overcomes long-standing legal, regulatory and technological barriers between the public and private sectors by converting today’s ad hoc, disparate transportation data sources into a mutually readable, shared, global standard for the first time. It introduces a universal language for digitally describing every aspect of city streets, opening new markets to private sector innovators and eliminating the need to manually clean, collate and transfer data sources, saving crucial public funds.

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  • SharedStreets data standards are a global, non-proprietary system for describing streets, designed to support the complexity and interconnectedness of our modern transportation system. SharedStreets standards support the exchange of a variety of street-linked data, public or private.

Learn more about SharedStreets Data Standards => Data processing and analysis tools State-of-the-art data processing, visualization and analysis tools build on SharedStreets data standards and provide public and private sector innovators with new ways of working with complex data sets, and new insights into managing streets and urban mobility. Infrastructure for data sharing

Secure, resuable tools for data exchange replace costly one-off relationships with SharedStreets' universal distribution channel for aggregated, anonymized data. Combined with standardized licenses, the SharedStreets platform helps transport authorities look beyond "open data," and develop ways for working with privacy sensitive information and experiment with new forms of public-private collaboration.

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The City of Detroit, SharedStreets, and NACTO to Pilot New Data Standard for Dockless Mobility

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