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Short Description: Sentilo is an open source sensor and actuator platform designed to fit in the Smart City architecture of any city who looks for openness and easy interoperability

Description: What is Sentilo? Sentilo is a platform for sensors / actuators designed to serve as a link between the sensors and actuators and the applications that manage urban services. Sentilo also has an OpenSource Community ( that supports it.It is a reality in several cities and public organizations and manages more than1,000,000 daily records coming from more than 10,000 urban parameters.

Who needs Sentilo? Sentilo is thought for cities that want to control the deployment of sensors and actuators in acentralized and common way.

Although Sentilo is designed for cities, it may also be useful for any organization that is deploying or wants to deploy a small number of sensors and actuators, inside buildings or in open spaces.

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