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|Tags=Covoiturage, Carpooling
|Tags=Covoiturage, Carpooling
|Theme=Logiciel Libre
|Theme=Covoiturage quotidien, Logiciel Libre
|challenge=Accélérer le déploiement du covoiturage quotidien
|communauté d'intérêt=Communauté autour du Covoiturage quotidien

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Short Description: Icare is an open source carpooling platform

Description: icare is an open source carpooling platform used as a basis for our commercial product Company Carpool.



Web Site : https://github.com/diowa/icare

Organisations interested to contribute or already contributing: Mobicoop

Organisations using or interested to use the resource:


Tags: Covoiturage, Carpooling

Category: Logiciel

Theme: Covoiturage quotidien, Logiciel Libre


Challenge addressed: Accélérer le déploiement du covoiturage quotidien

Key persons:

Other common:

Communauty of interest: Communauté autour du Covoiturage quotidien

Type of common: Commun

Produced in the field of OpenChallenge?

Level of developpment

Chat Space to discuss: https://chat.fabmob.io/channel/covoiturage_quotidien_et_longue_distance

Mailing list:

Task management link:

File management link:



Next step:

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