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* MQ-7 for carbon monoxide
* MQ-7 for carbon monoxide
* MQ-9 for carbon monoxide and flammable gasses
* MQ-9 for carbon monoxide and flammable gasses
|Tags=air quality, sensor
|Tags=air quality, sensor, TwizyContest
|commonscategory=Logiciel, Matériel
|commonscategory=Logiciel, Matériel
|Theme=Open HardWare, Données ouvertes, Collectivité
|Theme=Open HardWare, Données ouvertes, Collectivité

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Description : Leon ANAVI is a software engineer with an interest in open-source hardware, and he had previously launched several ANAVI boards for home automation based on Espressif ESP8266 or for Raspberry Pi boards including ANAVI thermometer, ANAVI light controller, and ANAVI Infrared pHAT among others.

Leon has now introduced a new board on Crowd Supply: ANAVI gas detector. The board is powered by ESP8266 WiSoC providing WiFI connectivity, and supports MQ gas sensor modules such as MQ-135, MQ-2, or MQ-3 in order to monitor air quality and detect gas leaks.

ANAVI Gas Detector works with the Arduino IDE, PlatformIO, as well as the popular open-source home automation platforms such as Home Assistant and OpenHAB via MQTT protocol. You’ll find the KiCad schematics and PCB layout on Github, as well as an Arduino code sample, and documentation. The latter still needs to be updated since it’s still about the earlier ANAVI Thermometer board 🙂

MQ-135 sensor can be purchased as part of the some of the kits, but if you’d like to get your own sensors, any of the following should work:

  • MQ-135 for air quality
  • MQ2 for methane, butane, LPG, smoke
  • MQ-3 for alcohol, ethanol, smoke
  • MQ-7 for carbon monoxide
  • MQ-9 for carbon monoxide and flammable gasses

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