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Description en une ligne : Introduction Clarifying the landscape of ticketing and looking ahead to emerging trends Ticketing and payment systems are key elements of a public transport system. Technological advancements have helped systems evolve dramatically over recent decades. However, this have gotten a little complicated for public transport operators and authorities.

Twenty years ago, it was just a matter of choosing the tariff scheme, the technology to design the system depending on passenger flows, and the supplier. Nowadays, the challenge starts with trying to understand about closed-loop vs open-loop, card-centric vs system-centric, pre-paid vs, post-paid, account-based ticketing, open payment, SIM-centric mobile ticketing, Secure Element, HCE, interoperability, multi-service, beacons, NFC, QR codes, and so on…

The objective of this report is to demystify these concepts by:

Clarifying the current landscape of ticketing and payment in public transport Detailing the different technologies and solutions on the market Looking ahead to relevant emerging trends in the mobility sector

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