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Short Description: Carla Cargo is a powerful bicycle trailer and hand cart especially for big and bulky loads

Description: Carla Cargo is a powerful bicycle trailer and hand cart especially for big and bulky loads. Its strong electric engine and its two powerful disk brakes make your ride a safe and pleasant experience.Carla Cargo trailers can be used with any standard bicycle, pedelec and e–bike. Uncoupled from the bicycle Carla Cargo works as a hand cart and can be used in pedestrian areas, where access for bicycles is closed or is not suitable.Public CAD repository for non-electronic hardware electronic hardwareYesPublic CAD repository for electronic hardware…Contains softwareNoPublic code repository Maturityproduction / full productAssembly instructions assembly instructionsYesBill of materials bill of materialsYesContributing guide



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Tags: bike, remorque, electricity, trailer

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