An Innovative Plug and Play Approach to a MaaS Platform

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An open MaaS platform architecture enabling a plug and play approach

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Today, one of the main limitations of MaaS providers around the world is the lack of “true” multi-modal services. The choice of services being offered by providers to its users are most of the times limited to services managed by the transport operators or the transport authority. This could be easier to manage from a transport operator point of view but with the increasing demand for better mobility services, it is important to look at user’s need and tailor a mobility service that suits the individual which need not be limited to purely public or private transport means. Such an approach demands for a MaaS platform that could seamlessly integrate not just transport data from public and private mobility providers but also data from external sources (such as car parking) that have an influence on the user’s travel experience. One of the challenges with this approach is the capability to handle various services offered, diversity of data and different transport data formats which could get overly complex. For the platform itself, there is a need for better journey planning tools, integration of third-party services to tailor itineraries for the user based on their preferences and enable the end user to pay for the whole itinerary instead of interacting with individual mobility providers. Most of the services that are expected from a MaaS platform are not necessarily new and are available for users in the form of open or inexpensive software packages independent of a MaaS platform.

For this concept of MaaS to evolve and overcome the limitations described above, there must be some fundamental changes to the existing architecture of a MaaS platform which can help transport operators introduce tailored services to end users like multi-modal journey planning (Eg: Private Car + Train), charging stations, parking availability and reservation, car wash in a parking, etc. In this project, a functional MaaS platform with limited functions has been developed as a proof of concept. The demonstration of some of the main functions such as journey planning, database management, multimodal information services, ticketing, payments, integration of parkings, etc. described in the architecture of the MaaS are available with the working prototype. The choice of software and hardware chosen to realise this work are mostly open source or cost-effective solutions.

The architecture of the developed platform not only enables a plug and play approach for the services from different mobility data providers but also for the different functions of the platform itself that are distributed across various sub-systems to simplify the design and deployment.

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