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Description : GNU Taler is an electronic payment system under development at Inria. We expect to make it operational in 2018. You can learn about Taler on this website, try the demo and look at our documentation.

  • Practical : Taler is easy to integrate with existing Web applications. Payments are cryptographically secured and are confirmed within milliseconds with extremely low transaction costs.
  • Stable : Taler does not introduce a new currency. Taler uses a digital wallet storing coins and payment service providers with escrow accounts in existing currencies. Thus, Taler's cryptographic coins correspond to existing currencies, such as US Dollars, Euros or even Bitcoins.
  • Secure : By design Taler does not suffer from many classes of security problems such as phishing or counterfeit. Thanks to its security features, Taler never rejects a legitimate customer due to a fraud-detection false positive.
  • Taxable : When using Taler, merchant's revenue is transparent for tax collection authorities. Unlike cash and most digital currencies, Taler helps prevent black markets. Taler is not suitable for illegal activities.
  • Private : When you pay with Taler, your identity does not have to be revealed. Just like payments in cash, nobody else can track how you spent your electronic money. However, you obtain a legally valid proof of payment.
  • Libre : Taler provides protocols and reference implementations that in principle enables anybody to run their own payment infrastructure, be it individuals, organizations or whole countries. Since the reference implementation is a GNU package, it will always remain free software.

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Site internet : https://taler.net/en/index.html

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