Jungle Bus

De Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilites

Short Description: A simple tool to map a transport network

Description: Jungle Bus is a non-profit project which aims to create simpler tools for the OpenStreetMap community to map transport networks.

The goal is to make OpenStreetMap the worldwide hub for transport Open Data. It would boost innovation by leveraging local communities, authorities, startups and companies. Our team of 20+ is dedicated to make easier for a reduced team of contributors to map the transport network of there city without being an expert.

Jungle Bus has been involved in the Accra Mobility project, mapping 320 trotro transport lines to produce a detailed view of the network. Jungle Bus's team trained the local OpenStreetMap community and insured Q/A over the data.


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Web Site : http://junglebus.io/

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Contributor: LAINEZ Florian

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