Communauté du Logiciel Libre/Atelier N°1

De Communauté de la Fabrique des Mobilites

WORKSHOP #1 with the community of open source software

Where: La fonderie Ile de France Thank you Gael for your Hospitality : )

40 participants Logiciel workshop2.jpg

When : september 27 th - 10h to 17h / Coffee with La Fonderie - Break outside

Link with page of communauté des acteurs du logiciel libre

Agenda in 3 times :

Why is it important and useful to have open source software in the field of mobility ?

Introduction of Paris Open Source Summit

Share different points of view from industry, city, entrepreneurs, at national and international levels.

A Short survey concerning Open source Software => results of the survey.


  • What are the existing software available today ? example, story around and consequences.
  • What are the next developement on going and at short term ?

Presentation from different stakeholders : developer, city authority, facilitators (INRIA, CEREMA, AFIMB)

Agenda - Presentations and Work in groups

Idea of organisation : one group by topic or group with people with different skills or ?

  • How can we manage and improve existing resources : organisation, management, evaluation, contribution,
  • How can we identify and select new resources : identification, selection, development
  • How can we provide funding ? state of the art
  • Can we provide other wealth ?
  • How can we evolve from software 100% funded by public to a community support with several contributions and fundings ?
  • Allocate 1% of budget for open source projects. This budget could be managed by FabMob.
  • to be completed ?

Deliverables of the workshop :


Territories :

  • PACA cf plateforme openPACA, working with Jean-Louis Zimmerman d'OSM (Carto party with SNCF stations in PACA)
  • Métro Grenoble / Metromobilité using OpenTripPlanner + plateform opendata mobility
  • Euro Région Aquitaine-Euskadi / Julien de Labaca Transfermuga with Navitia
  • Toulouse Tisseo + Toulouse (data real timel en open source)
  • Auvergne region / Auvergne mobilité (Navitia, TimeTable), Open data Auvergne. Feedbacks from M.Derouet before the workshop :
    • No clear opinion on open source software concerning Auvergne Mobilité,
    • Auvergne Mobilité v1 was working under SYNTHESE, open source software from the beginning but without an active community.
    • Auvergne Mobilité v2 is working from feb 2016 under, without feedbacks.
    • Utilisation of OSM address database because :
      • More informations (in term of address)
      • More capacity to evolve : create new POI with our route calculator, capacity to indicate parking as relay to integrate multimodal mobility
    • Negative Points :
      • No guarantee the sustainability of theses developments which may in some cases be challenged by the community
      • Open source does not guarantee inherently open or close slightly as the number of actors. The size of the community is an important parameter

Startups / consultants :

  • Andrew Byrd, Conveyal / OpenTripPlanner
  • Tristram Gräbener, Codeurs en Liberté
  • Vincent Lara projet API Le.Taxi at Etalab
  • Stephan de Koninck / Bliksem (Hollande) / software open source RRRR
  • Hugues Romain, RCS Mobility Lausanne, software open source Synthese
  • Software Tempus Open Source co-developed by Oslandia & IFFSTAR
  • Pieter Colpaert / OpenTransport group at OKFN
  • Latitude Cartagene, app web site for CarPostal
  • Laurent Grégoire, Mecatran
  • Christophe Duquesne, Aurige
  • Alban Peignier, AF83
  • Philippe Vappereau, RATP (Calypso using licence open source)
  • Gilles Betis, Transdev Digital Factory
  • Stéphane Laurière, OW2
  • Sampo Hietanen, Whim -
  • Simon Ho and Giles Bailey Travel Spirit :
  • Daniel Duris : Open source Bike Share under testing in Bratislava
  • Mohamed Hegazy: Transport for Cairo (TfC)

Companies :

  • CityWay, Transdev
  • Kisio, Keolis
  • RATP / Ixxi : Application Zaleou (, API billettique à venir
  • SNCF
  • PSA
  • Michelin
  • HERE

Public Authority :

  • Bernard Schwob AFIMB
  • European Commission